C.I.A manufactures and supplies a wide range of sealers to cover most applications. Ranging from high quality, economical, solvent based acrylics, to natural finish penetrating sealers to long lasting commercial grade polyurethanes. 

C.I.A sealers can be applied by broom, brush, roller, or solvent resistant sprayers.

C.I.A Ultra Sealer and C.I.A Superthane can be tinted to a range of colours.

As the name implies, can be applied late the same day the concrete is poured by LIGHTLY spray coating, or by broom or roller application after 24 hours.

C.I.A ULTRA SEALER  (Solvent Based Acrylic Sealer)
C.I.A's general purpose sealer. This sealer is recommended as the finishing coats on all new concrete including stamped, stencilled, or coloured concrete; for resealing all types of concrete; and as the base & top coat on C.I.A Topcrete applications and Exposed Aggregate. This sealer has been developed from a selected blend of resins to provide a durable, non-yellowing, protective, 'wet look' coating.

C.I.A HI-BLEND  (High Build Sealer)
This sealer is generally used as a high build coating for C.I.A Topcrete. It is also used for sealing very porous concrete surfaces as it has a high solids: solvent ratio. 

C.I.A SUPERTHANE  (Two Pack Polyurethane)
Superthane is a high solids, high build, two pack polyurethane, specifically formulated to achieve a smooth hard wearing surface for flooring.

C.I.A NATRASEAL  (Penetrating Sealer)

Natraseal is a specially formulated penetrating water repellent sealer. Suitable for any porous masonry surface especially sandstone, terracotta, brick, clay, stone and concrete.

C.I.A PERFECT SEAL  (Water Based Sealer)
Perfect Seal is a waterborne clear acrylic sealer and topcoat for concrete and masonry surfaces.
Suitable for use on sandstone, terracotta, clay pavers, unglazed tiles, slate, bricks, concrete and masonry products.
Features low VOC and fast drying time.


The following list is a general guide to assist you in the success of sealer application for solvent based acrylic sealers.
If you are unclear or have concerns please contact C.I.A or your local Agent. It is always recommended that a test area be trialled first.

    Do ensure you have the correct sealer for your application.
    Do ensure the surface is clean, free of oil, loose particles and most importantly is completely dry. (24 hour minimum from last time the concrete/pavement was wet)
    Do acid etch closed concrete surfaces (e.g. Mirror finished by trowelling machine).
    Do allow sufficient drying time taking into account weather conditions (Minimum 6 hours dry conditions recommended after sealing)
    Do apply sealer thinly and evenly (two coats are far better than one heavy coat) (does not apply to Natraseal) C.I.A Ultra Sealer / Same Day - First Coat coverage is approximately 4m2 per litre.
    Do ask for advice.
    Do maintain the protective coat by reapplying sealer at regular intervals (18-24 months). (Longer for Natraseal & Superthane)
    Do inspect previous sealer coats for "MILKY whiteness", cracking or delamination and rectify before applying new coating.
    Don't apply sealer to damp concrete or moist concrete (concrete is porous and will hold moisture within its matrix even though it appears dry on the surface).
    Don't apply sealer in the middle of the day or to extremely hot surfaces (this may result in blistering and delamination).
    Don't apply thick coats (may lead to blistering, 'pork crackling', or failure to harden).
    Don't apply additional coat without allowing sufficient curing time.
    Don't apply more than two coats of C.I.A Ultra Sealer.
    Don't apply sealer over 'milky white', 'crazed' or delaminating sealer.

Note: Almost all sealer failures are the direct result of moisture presence or high temperatures at the time of application.
Application equipment should be cleaned with C.I.A Solvent.