C.I.A’s general purpose sealer is recommended as the finishing coats on all new concrete including stamped, stencilled, or coloured concrete; for resealing all types of concrete; and as the base & top coat on C.I.A Topcrete applications and Exposed Aggregate. This sealer has been developed from a selected blend of resins to provide a durable, non-yellowing, protective, 'wet look' coating.

C.I.A Ultra Sealer dries to a clear, hard, water repellent non-yellowing film, which has excellent resistance to most contaminants, preventing staining and dirt impregnation. The sealer enhances the oxide colours and exposed stones used in the various types of cement based paving.

On average the coating should be reapplied around 18-24 month intervals. C.I.A Ultra Sealer significantly reduces surface degradation of the concrete due to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Recommended Uses
C.I.A Ultra Sealer is designed for application over all concrete and cement based products including C.I.A Topcrete, cement based paving, driveways, patios, pathways, courtyards and pool surrounds. 
Two coats should be applied to provide an even wet look finish. 
C.I.A Ultra Sealer is NOT for use on Clay Pavers, Clay Bricks, Terracotta Quarry or Ceramic Tiles.

Surface Preparation
Surface must be thoroughly dry and free from all grease, oil and fuel contaminants, efflorescence (salt crystals) and other foreign stains and soiling. Ensure the surface is clean and most importantly DRY.
(24 hour minimum from last time the concrete/pavement was wet).
Acid etch closed concrete surfaces. (eg Mirror finished by trowelling machine)

Brush or Roller
Use medium/long nap roller or a solvent resistant broom.
Clean your equipment with C.I.A Solvent.
For conventional spray application, thin as necessary with C.I.A Solvent. Clean equipment with C.I.A Solvent.

Approximately 4m2 / litre per coat, depending on the method of application and the porosity and texture of the surface being coated.