Same Day / First Coat Sealer - MORE INFO

As the name implies, can be applied late the same day the concrete is poured by LIGHTLY spray coating, or by broom or roller application after 24 hours.

Recommended as the initial coat on Stamped, Stencilled, plain or coloured concrete.
(Note: Stamped Concrete should be thoroughly washed to remove excess Release Agent at least 24 hours before initial sealer application)

Same Day / First Coat Sealer has a higher solvent - solids ratio to ensure better penetration of the concrete surface and to produce a higher tolerance to moisture. (Note: Applying this sealer thickly will negate the described benefits)

Finish with two coats of ULTRA sealer after a minimum curing period of 28 days on 'new' concrete. If concrete has cured, the recommended time between coats is 24 hours.