Superthane is a high solids, high build, two pack polyurethane, specifically formulated to achieve a smooth hard wearing surface for flooring.

Suitable for use on areas which require an extremely hard, yet flexible non-slip protective coating with excellent UV resistance, colour and gloss retention, weathering properties, abrasion resistance and adhesion.

•  High build
•  Hard, very durable coating
•  Excellent mark and scuff resistance
•  Excellent chemical resistance
•  Non-sacrificial Anti-Graffiti coating
•  Isocyanate free

> Surface must be dry, clean and free from any loose particles.  Concrete should be acid etched and allow to fully dry.
> Mix 3 parts of Superthane A with 1 part Superthane B then thin as necessary according to conditions and method of application.
> Apply one full coat and allow to dry over night.  Apply a second coat and allow to dry with good ventilation.
> May be applied by conventional spray, brush or roller.

Approximately 8 square metres per litre less loss due to application equipment.