C.I.A Perfect Seal is a waterborne clear acrylic sealer and topcoat for concrete and masonry surfaces. Suitable for use on sandstone, terracotta, clay pavers, unglazed tiles, slate, bricks, concrete and masonry products. Features low VOC and fast drying time.

•    Low VOC (<100g/L)
•    Fast dry time - fast recoat & few concerns for rain
•    Excellent Adhesion - leads to long lasting, attractive coatings
•    Excellent UV resistance and weather resistance.
•    Excellent resistance to yellowing.
•    Easy clean up
•    Chemical resistance
•    Protects surfaces from the spillage of food, grease and oil.
•    Resists discoloration from dirt and spills
•    Colour Enhancement when applied in 2 coats
•    Use directly on new concrete
•    Use over previously coated systems

> Because C.I.A PERFECT SEAL is water based any surface dampness will not affect the coating. If recoating a pre-existing coating, pre-test C.I.A PERFECT SEAL on an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility - if whitening or poor adhesion occurs, surface may need to be stripped off with C.I.A STRIPPER before coating.
> New concrete may be coated with C.I.A PERFECT SEAL once it has dried and is free of surface moisture. For best results allow 24 hours cure time. 
> C.I.A PERFECT SEAL may be applied using a broom, roller or spray application. A minimum of two coats of C.I.A PERFECT SEAL is required with three coats recommended for best results.  Dilute first coat with up to 30% water. Second and subsequent coats may be applied at full strength after one hour at 20°C.  

Approximately 5-6 m2/L per coat on porous surfaces and 10-14 m2/L per coat on sealed surfaces.