Questions & Answers


Why Do I Need To Seal My Concrete?
To stop staining, prevent mould and to enhance decorative coatings.

How Often Should I Seal My Concrete?
On average, every 2 years depending on the product used.  Some sealers can last up to 7 years.  

What’s The Best Way To Apply My Concrete Sealer?
A solvent resistant broom is the most effective way to apply the sealer at the right thickness, but rollers or sprayers can be used too.  

Does My Concrete Need To Be Dry?
Yes, all surfaces must be perfectly dry and clean before applying a sealer.

Can I Use Any Concrete Sealer?
No, it’s really important to continue using the same type of product.  Not all products are the same and can cause serious reactions to the sealer.  Seek further advise from CIA Concrete.  

Are Sealers Slippery?
A sealed concrete surface can become slippery when wet.  We recommend the use of CIA Antislip additive to generate a fine sandpaper feel to the coating, especially on steep driveways and walkways, and around pools.  

Do I Need To Clean Fat And Oil Stains?
Yes, as soon as possible.  Absorb spillage with absorbent material and clean with mild detergent.

Should I Seal My Coloured Concrete?
Yes, you need to seal the concrete to enhance the finished colour, also it helps prevent staining and mould growth.

My Concrete Has Just Been Laid And The Colour Is Patchy?
Remember, concrete takes around 28 days to cure thoroughly, so your true colour will not reveal itself until after this period and after the concrete has been sealed.  

When Can I Seal My New Concrete?
A single coat of CIA Same Day / First Coat Sealer should be applied either that afternoon by spraying the sealer, or next day by roller or broom.  This will give the concrete some protection while in its curing stage. This should be followed by 2 coats of CIA Ultra Sealer after 28 days.

Do You Have Fact Sheets?
Yes, we have detailed information on all our products to help you achieve that perfect finish.


What Is Topcrete?
Topcrete is a cement based spray-on coating that can reach a strength of 62mpa, so it is super strong.  Made in a range of 48 colours we can transform any concrete into a work of art!  

Does Topcrete Need To Be Sealed?
Yes, all decorative concrete needs to be sealed to protect the surface.

Do I Need To Continue Using CIA Sealers?
Yes, we highly recommend that you always use CIA sealers as they are manufactured to the highest standards.  

Can I Do My Own Topcrete Job?
You sure can.  We are here to help you achieve that perfect makeover, but keep in mind, we have CIA approved applicators if you want a professional to do the job for you.  

How Long Does Topcrete Last?
Well maintained Topcrete coatings will last the life of the concrete.

Can I Still Pressure Clean My Topcrete?
Yes but only a light pressure clean will be required if your sealer has been maintained.